Urantia Lodge 606 Ascension Program Corporations

Majestone Miracle Utopia 2112 Computer Club Organization & Franchise

Urantia Lodge #606

“The Loyal Order of Utopians”

22,762,888,888 + Members

(As of 10-14-13)

Urantia Lodge 606

The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation

Open The Door Ministries.org

Urantia Planetary Government

Gospel of Jesus.us

Christ Michael.org

Joshua Ben Joseph.me

Chris Dwaine Christensen.us

Majestone Enterprises.com

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Star Children.us


Universal Supreme Person.us

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Copyright Ownership

Office Holders

President – Chris Dwaine Christensen, Founder, Creator & 50% Owner

Vice President – Priscilla Brenda Christensen

CEO – Karen Divinscia Christensen

CFO – Alicia Sucula Christensen

COO – Brinianna Fantaculus Christensen

Manager – Danielle Ann Christensen

Head Computer Technician – Abichayilyah Christensen

Head Computer Teacher – Achinoam Christensen

Senior Trustee – Dwaine Eventod Christensen

Junior Trustee – Joseph Lance Christensen

1st Star Trustee – All Club Members

Treasurer – Joshua Benjamin Christensen

Chairman – Michael Steven Christensen

Children’s Circle Leader – Gabriel Star Christensen

Children’s Circle Assistant Leader – Marissa Robin Christensen

Accountant – Prominiscia Serabundance Christensen

Secretary – Solonia Vicky Christensen

Records Keeper – Enevia Ultim Christensen

Marketing Director – Adam Saturn Christensen

Bank Manager – Michelle Rachel Christensen

New Website Established 10-14-2013


June 21st, 2013

The First Day of Summer

A Divine Family Member suddenly has an idea!! She decided to put the data from our Urantia Planetary Government policies, ministries, websites, blogs & the family enterprises into the computer to make a planetary simulation software program. Once all the parameters was set and this newly formed team ran the initial program the word “Utopia” appeared on the screen. As the program ran it displayed a beautiful world of peace, love & harmony - light & life.

Once everyone realized it was a beautiful and miraculous program they immediately saved the file automatically. The computer automatically saved the program file as “Utopia 1”.

“Utopia 1 - The First Day of Summer” OS/Software Bundle Sales Company was born.


Once I realized how great our new business was I created a new franchise..

Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2013 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2013 Majestone

The Majestone Universal Stock Market Corporation®©

The MUSM®© Report©

15. MCECORP® - The Majestone Computers & Electronics Corporation® IPO 9-28-13 for $888,888,888,888,888 per share.

30. MMUTOPIA® - The Majestone Miracle Utopia 2112 Computer Club Organization Franchise, Incorporated® IPO 9-30-13 for $19,000,000 per share.

31. U1OSBSCO® - Utopia 1 – The First Day of Summer OS/Software Bundle Sales Company, Incorporated® IPO 9-30-13 for $606,000,000 per share.

37. MUOSI® - Majestone Universal Operating Systems, Incorporated® IPO 9-30-13 for $455,000,000,000 per share.

88. MUMCCINCORP® - Majestone Universal Military Computer Company, Incorporated® IPO 10-2-13 for $1,888,888 per share.

89. MUMCOSSHC® - The Majestone Universal Military Computer Operating Systems, Software & Hardware Company, Incorporated® IPO 10-2-13 for $1,888,888 per share.

174. MEINCSOFT® Majestone Enterprises Universal Software Company, Incorporated® IPO 10-10-13 of $88,888,888 per share.

184. URANTIALODGE606® Majestone Utopia Computer Club Urantia Lodge #606 Enterprises Company, Incorporated® IPO 10-11-13 for $8,888,888 per share.

185. LOYALORDEROFUTOPIANS® Majestone Miracle 2112 Loyal Order of Utopians Computer Club & Franchise Enterprises Company, Incorporated® IPO 10-11-13 for $88,888,888 per share.

215. FLYINGANGELLOGO® The Majestone Flying Angel Logo Business, Incorporated® IPO 10-15-13 for $1,888,888 per share.

216. URANTIALODGEBANK® The Urantia Lodge Bank, Incorporated® IPO 10-15-13 for $18,888,888 per share.

218. MAJESTUDENT® The Majestone Universal Students Ministry Franchise, Incorporated® IPO 10-15-13 for $18,888,888 per share.

From the Original Majestone Enterprises:

45. Utopia 1 – The First Day of Summer OS/Software Bundles Sales Company

46. The Majestone Miracle Utopia 2112 Computer Club Organization & Franchise

52. The Loyal Order of Utopians – Urantia Lodge #606

57. The Bank of Majestone Urantia Lodge Bank Company

72. Urantia Lodge Bank (Owned by Urantia Lodge #606)

79. The Majestone Urantia Book Club (Urantia Lodge #606)

81. The Majestone Universal Students Ministry Franchise

144. MajestoneUtopia.com

145. MajestoneUtopia.com/miracle (The Majestone Miracle)

Copyright ©2012, 2013 Chris Dwaine Christensen

An Eternal Voyage:  ...death is only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery.

The Urantia Book, (14:5.10)

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Membership Fees:

One Time Entrance Fee = $606,000 (Family)

One Time Entrance Fee = $606,000,000 (Others)

Monthly Dues = $6,000 (All Members)

*Annually Paid Monthly Dues = $72,000 Yearly

*All Memberships include a Franchise Business License Valid for all of Nebadon

*All members receive a Solid Gold Bank Card from the Urantia Lodge Bank, Inc.®!!

*All members receive a Solid Gold “Open The Door Ministries” Bank Card issued from The Bank of Majestone, Inc®


‘Utopia 1 - First Day of Summer `  OS/Software & Computer Bundle =

$606,000,000,000 (Basic) each.

$1,818,000,000,000 (Deluxe) each.

*Deluxe includes the Majestone Magnezone 8000® Industrial Strength Computer System.

*All bundles include at least 100 Software Titles, free shipping by Majestone Universal Express & a Lifetime Warranty, plus Full Coverage Insurance from Majestone Universal Insurance Company, Inc.®

*All OS/Software includes free lifetime upgrades (Discs or Downloads).


What would it be like to experience a world of brotherly love, peace, beauty and harmony?

A world with no crime or wars. A world where all people are equally successful. No hunger, homelessness or unemployed. A people who are also highly educated and blessed with an intimate relationship with the one true Father (God).

We are a club organization & franchise based on a computer simulation program that portrays a Utopian world of love, peace & harmony.

Founded on June 21st, 2013 - the first day of summer.

Our world “Urantia” as a heavenly “Utopia”

The Loyal Order of Utopians

The definition of a planet in the stages of Light & Life.


Majestone’s Custom Jam 11-23-13

(MP3 5:00)

Created With:

“Music Maker Jam”

Windows 8.1

November 23rd, 2013

New Urantia Planetary Spirit Census – December 25th, 2013

14,762,779,774 – Urantia Spirit Ministers *(-1,000,000)

= 14,761,779,774 Urantia Spirit Ministers.

*2 Legions of Seraphim – 497,664 Pairs (995,328 Angels) & 2,336 Cherubim/Sanobim pairs (4,672 Angels) have been transferred to Ministerial Duties attached to the Majestone Divine Family from the angels already stationed on Urantia increasing our Family by 1,000,000 more angels.

8,000,000,000 – Grand Universal Military & Police Forces

1,000,000,000 – UltraSwords

= 23,761,779,774 – Total Spirit Ministers Stationed

+ 5,359,415 – Creator Son Children

+ 1,056,000 – Divine Family Members

= 6,415,415 – Total Majestone Divine Family Members

Grand Total = 23,768,195,189 – Total Urantia Spirit Forces Stationed

Creator Son Children – Special Forces

I am Christ Michael, Chris Dwaine Christensen, Creator Son (Master Son, Sovereign of Nebadon). Take note of the parentage of my children (Special Forces):

58,972 – Creator Son

3,746 – Creator Son & Creator Son’s Children

1,000,000 – Creator Son & The Universal Father

21,100 – Creator Son & The Eternal Mother Son

21,200 – Creator Son & The Infinite Spirit

4,201,800 – Creator Son & The Divine Minister (Holy Spirit)

8,888 – Creator Son & The Supreme Being

888 – Creator Son & Divine Counselor

12,000 – Creator Son & Special Paradise Angel

1,000 – Creator Son & Primary Supernaphim

25,316 – Creator Son & Seraphim

905 – Creator Son & Cherubim/Sanobim

400 – Creator Son & Primary Midwayer

400 – Creator Son & Secondary Midwayer

100 – Creator Son & Son Fused

100 – Creator Son & Spirit Fused

200 – Creator Son & Uversa (Superuniverse) Personality

2,400 – Creator Son & Material Son (Material Daughter - Eve Dreamascia Christensen)

Total = 5,359,415 Children (Special Forces to Date 12-25-13) Now a total of 6,415,415 Divine Family Members *12-25-13

***Ascension Program Announcement***

The Loyal Order of Utopians

Exclusive Members Ascension Program

Level 13 Attained!!

13 Almighty Sovereign Utopian - $62 Billion Bonus Award Prize

X 8 = Octivian Bonuses!! = $496 Billion PVC$ - each!!

(4-5-14 Every Club Member)

Congratulations Everyone!!

April 5th, 2014

We have achieved the First Stage of Finality in our Club Ascension Program.

Prepare for the next contest!!

P.S. Print and distribute our checks please!!