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Majestone Miracle Utopia 2112 Computer Club Organization & Franchise®

Urantia Lodge #606

“The Loyal Order of Utopians®”

Urantia Lodge #606

Utopia 2112

Computer Club

The Loyal Order of Utopians

Exclusive Members Ascension Program

3rd Year MajestoneUtopia®© Ascension Program®©

3rd Year Beginning August 21st, 2016

14 Supreme Ultimate Absolute Children’s Masters Utopian

13 Almighty Sovereign Utopian

12 Supreme Grand Master Utopian

11 Unqualified Absolute Utopian

10 Deity Absolute Utopian

9 Universal Absolute Utopian

8 Supreme Ultimate Utopian

7 Ultimate Utopian

6 Supreme Utopian

5 Super Utopian

4 Major Utopian

3 Senior Utopian

$821,121,161,962 Centillion $PVC® x 2,112 Centillion $PVC® Award Prize
August 21st, 2017 for Every Club Member from The Bank of Majestone® and also Children’s Dream Bank®

2 Junior Utopian Maxia®
$196,220,010,911 Centillion $PVC® x 2,112 Centillion $PVC® Award Prize
September 25th, 2016 for Every Club Member from The Majestone Universal Military Bank of Urantia® AKA; Defend®, Incorporated

1st Level Trustee 3rd Star
$888 Centillion $PVC® x 1,212 Centillion $PVC® Bonus Award Prize
Every Club Member '16 Summer Camp Graduation Awards Certificates©
Starting  August 21st, 2016 from The Majestone Universal Military Bank of Urantia® AKA; Defend®, Incorporated

*Starting August 21st, 2016

Copyright ©2014, 2015, 2016 Chris Dwaine Christensen

Copyright ©2014, 2015, 2016 Majestone

Qualifications To Do Business With *Majestone Enterprises the Universal Police Force *Urantia Earth Planetary Owner:

**You must first become an paid active and stable Club Member of UniversalPoliceForce.Com® & Sequestrator® Operating System at $9.99 per Month**

Wholesale Rates & Profitable Income Terms, Conditions & Agreements = 62% for Primary Owner/Contractor & 32% for Sub Contractor & Purchaser of License Application for Resellers Permit.

1. $10.00 Application Fee (3 Year DBA Longevity & Renewal Necessity)

2. $110.00 3 Year Permit Fee

3. $5.00 Utah State Administrative Fee

4. $3.00 For UniversalPoliceForce.Com International & Local Government Administrative Fee

5. $128.00 Total Fees Before Any Taxes Applied or Paid by Internal Agencies

*10.00 Minimum Sale Agreement per item(s). *= $6.20 for UniversalPoliceForce.Com & $3.80 for Utah Department of Universal Law Enforcement (Owned & Operated by Chris Dwaine Christensen). *EXAMPLE: A Bumper Sticker Made and or Sold.*

*Absolutely No Proceeds Are Allowed to Be Sent or Received by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints, The Catholic Church, any Mormon or Religious Institution, Organization or Charity.

*Absolutely No Proceeds Are Allowed to Be Sent or Received by any entity, organization, business or party that is being sued, illegal or has been convicted of a crime in the Urantia Earth International & Space Jurisdiction.

*Majestone Enterprises is also in reference to all of Chris Dwaine Christensen’s Businesses.

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